Monday, March 16, 2009

Imagine the trauma when I put him in a real bed

Just five months ago Isaac was closer to me than any other human has ever been. While I understand it is the natural progression of things, it is still strange to me that we are kicking the person out of our room who was just recently kicking me in the ribs from the inside.

For the last two nights Isaac has slept in his crib, in his room. The first night there was this little twinge in my chest when saw his empty bassinet when we went to bed. I always said I was so impatient that it would be hard to wait nine months for a baby. No, the hard part is how fast it is all happening. While it thrills me to see what new things he will do almost on a daily basis, I just want to shout "Hey you, slow down. Give me a few minutes to absorb it all."

Without his giant head blocking it, I could see the vibrant orange warning label that I have been ignoring for several weeks now. It clearly states that babies should not be in the crib over three months of age (check), weigh more than 15 pounds (check) and can roll over (he actually reached over and turned on the music on his mobile last week. This really creeped me out until I realized it was him.)

While I will read them thoroughly, I have always viewed warning labels as more of a friendly suggestion than law. I believe that they are for stupid people that don't know what they are doing, which is never me. (Please insert sarcastic voice here) . Or to prevent lawsuits. Or a combination of both of these things. Besides Isaac still had a good inch and half before I would have to fold him in half to fit in the bassinet.

Isaac graciously agreed to pose for a photo to demonstrate:

As I was putting him in the crib for the second night, proud of myself for not reverting back to the bassinet, I noticed something. Something kind of nice. That giant crib made my baby look a little smaller. Like he is not going to start college tomorrow:

Look at all that room. I could fit three of him there. He practically looks like a newborn again. That is until I look at one of his newborn photos (yes, in the bassinet):


Anonymous said...

Wow!! He is in his crib. hmmm

Texie said...

Ohhh this post actually made me a little teary. I can’t believe it either. I was just thinking this morning how fast it has all been (for me that is). Life is so freakin short. I already have a biological clock! Can you believe that. Biological clocks are for desperate old ladies on TV. I don’t feel old enough to bring life into the world. Weird. Goes so fast and there is so much experience we have to pack into it. "He actually reached over and turned on the music on his mobile last week." Oh Holy shit really? I can’t believe you didn’t tell me this. I am shocked. Okay your right he really is super duper advanced. And now all this talking about him makes me miss him. You should come get a Diet Coke with me at lunch so I can squeeze him.