Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mommy Time

Everyone remembers when they were a kid and the week before Christmas seemed to last a month, or the ride to Lagoon took fooooreeever. Then time seems to speed up when we are adults. Either we are more patient or maybe just tell time better.

Well Isaac has taught me about Mommy Time. The most noticeable for me is nap time. He sleeps an hour and a half to two. This is the length of most movies, a drive to Idaho, a coat of paint to dry and many other productive things. However, I feel like I surf the net for 10 minutes and the next thing you know he is stirring. I look at the clock and am surprised to see it has been more than an hour.
While this time speeds by, some days (those with lots of whining, usually) that last half of an hour before Owen gets home takes as long as the ride to Lagoon for an seven-year-old.

I didn't dare take a picture of him napping and risk disturbing his sweet slumber.

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Texie said...

Ha, you always have the coolest perspective of things. I hope you use that two hours to pamper yourself on occasion.