Wednesday, June 13, 2007

She works hard for the money

Work is a strange thing. At the core of it, the majority of us go to work because we need to eat and stay out of the rain -- whether it's McDonald's or you spent years in medical school.

If it was all about money, it would actually be easier. But I always said I would rather love my job than be rich. (This is apparent from the fact I have been wearing the same boots for 3 years and drive a 12 year old car.) I also never liked the fact that people seemed defined by their job. When first meeting people, the question most likely asked is "what do you do?"

I would really like to make money doing what I like (and what, I think, I am pretty good at). OK I know everybody else does too. If this was possible we would have a world full of trampoline testers, cowboys and restaurant critics, to name a few.

So if it was all about enjoyment or all about money, it would be easier to decide how to spend my days, but since it is a tangled combination of both (also throw in a bit of self worth and sense of purpose), my path is unclear.


editor said...

Follow the late Steve Irwin's lead and parlay your love of ducklings into 'The Duck Savior' the very least it wouldn't be the worst thing on television.


S said...

And you give me a rash of shit for getting out of the newspaper business? I still write, take photos and do multi-media, but now I do it for more money. Somedays I like it and somedays I don't. More money doesn't solve our problems, look at me, you still have to feed me when we have lunch.
Keep taking photos and open up a gallery. If you ever take a street scene, I'll be your first client.