Saturday, July 21, 2007

J.K., thanks for the adventure

Moments before midnight, screams of excitement rise from the mob of people, ranging from infants to the elderly, many of whom are dressed strangely. A policeman watches over the crowd in case anything gets out of control. Seconds before midnight someone begins to count down.

All of this for a book.

Growing up I was ashamed for being a bookworm. I was even accused of cheating at a read-a-thon by a teacher, for the amount of books I said I had read. But now tonight I stand with a crowd of hundreds at Barnes and Noble to get my copy of the last Harry Potter book "The Deathly Hallows," and feel vindicated in a way.

Luckily, Nichole decided to pick up our wristband first thing in the morning a few days before the sale, this got us into group D, so we did not have to wait to long to get our book. The line stretched passed Old Navy, Toys R Us and through the parking lot to Office Depot.

As group A walked out with the first copies of the book, they held them up and there was more cheering. It was fabulous. I was very impressed with Barnes and Nobles' organization. Nichole was in and out with our books within minutes. Although we will go home separately and read our books, I am so glad I get to share this experience with her.

No, I didn't wear a robes or put a lightening bolt on my forehead, but I love all the people who did. All of the characters were there from Hagrid to Dobby, to random wizards dressed as muggles (wearing all of the wrong things). Just like girls screaming for the Beatles, or those who owned pet rocks, being in this crowd makes me feel like a part of history.

As the book release came closer, I started to get what I called 'Harry Potter Anxiety' -- the fear that the ending would be leaked to me before I got to read it. I even heard that people would drive by and yell the ending. One person walking out with the book even had it opened to the last pages. This, my biggest fear, was not realized. While I am happy that everyone is so excited for these books, it makes me sad that technology and mean people would give away the ending. (But yes Erin, I will call you as soon as I am done, because it makes you happy)

My attention span for this blog is reaching it's end, as my book sits waiting for me. This will be my last venture to the Internet for a while, not only will I be busy reading my book, but I don't want to chance of even getting a hint to the end Harry, Ron and Hermione's story.

To my fellow bookworms, even if it is just Harry, Happy Reading!!


Anonymous said...

What a book!!

Anonymous said...

I know Shad disagrees, but late night vigils for things like this add to the fun in my opinion. Of course one man's book release is another man's back shaving.


Cousin Dev said...

The book was awesome. Very cathartic. I was ready for the series to end.

Beth said...

Just to let everyone know, I finished the book just a few minutes before 6 PM on July 21. As it turns out people where pretty good about keeping the ending a secret, so I wish I would have savored the book a little more. I laughed, I cried -- overall I am satisfied with the books' conclusion.