Sunday, July 29, 2007

Satan Kitty

The following is a random story from my life. I had pictures, but as most know, things get lost in moves, even if they are digital. In my recent move to a different office, the photos did not make it to my new computer. Please try to use your imagination for the visuals.

One day going to my old office on base, I saw this little streak of gray run into a hole in the building. At first I thought I had imagined it, but later, I saw it again.

It looked like they were doing maintenance on the building and had left this panel off, and I didn't want any little kittens to get trapped under the building when they were done, so on my lunch I bought an extra hamburger. Also not wanting my fellow employees to know how nuts I was, I did not tell them my plan. At first I thought it would be easy, lure the kitten out with hamburger and be done with it. but the moment it saw me it disappeared so I figured I had to be sneakier. So I hid off to the side of the hole. It came out a second time but I was not fast enough. I did notice that the little grey kitty looked dirty and skinny, making me want to save it even more. Then I made a trail of hamburger so it had to come a little further out. But by this time it was starting to get a little more skittish. I sat their crouched by the side of the building, for like 15 minutes just hoping no one would come out and think I was crazy.

After much patience my moment arrived and with both hands I (gently) pinned him to the ground. Well what was previously a sweet hungry kitten turned into Satan's cat. Every muscle in his body was tense and although he was pinned on his tummy he turned his head around and looked at me with such hatred it reminded me of Linda Blair in the Exorcist (hence the name), and let out this hiss/ growl noise that made my soul quiver a little. So I have got the kitten trapped, but now I am also trapped. I know if I give this kitten a seconds chance he (I found out the sex later) will bloody me as much as his little claws will allow before streaking back under the building. Well I manage to make it to my feet and walk to the office door, but with my hands full, I can't open it. I realize it's either let go with one hand and risk being scarred for life or getting my coworker's help. I kick the door and luckily a cat owner opens it. But I look deranged, all sweaty and holding this (back to sweet looking) kitten at arms length, screaming "No don't touch!" Well they get me a box and I quickly put him in and try to let go and shut the flap at the same time.

I put the box on the floor of the my car, hoping he won't try to escape, sending me careening off the road. However he was very quiet, which actually makes me more nervous -- like he is plotting his revenge. I make it to the base vet safely. I tell them my story (they already know me - surprise). They put him in a kennel with some water. He hides in the back and hisses when we come near. Although I'm glad he is no longer in danger of starving to death under my building a little bit of my care has warn off -- I am actually glad to be rid of him.

As is policy the vet will call animal control. who will pick him up. But I know, and they warn me, that if he remains feral and wild, he will not be adopted. So the next day I call Davis Country animal control to inquire about him. They know nothing of the Satan cat of which I speak. Turns out a little food and water will go a long way.

Over the few days after I left him, Satan kitty got sweeter and melted the staffs' hearts and they couldn't bring themselves to call animal control. I went and visited and he had been exorcised. He was a little ball of playful fluff who liked to run up and down people's legs and curl up on their necks. He even started to doze a little in my arms as I stroked his belly. There was a part of me that wanted to take his home, but one of the staff member's children had already fallen in love (she had already paid for some of his vaccinations). So I was content with my part in this story with a happy ending, even if it was the part that was a brush from hell.

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Its nice to give and receive second chances.