Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Catching up

As usual, Shad has inspired me (sarcasm does not always come out well in the written word). I have now also decided to bring my blog out of hiatus. Last reported in August, hard to remember all that has happened since then. That's kind of sad because kind of the point of the blog was to preserve my memories.

Well let's see if we can hit on the major points: I started my new beat as the education reporter for my local newspaper. Never really wanted to talk about work much on this blog, because I am there for eight hours a day and that is enough. But for the sake of prosperity I will. The job is kind of an emotional roller coaster. One minute I am loving it with the new, fun stories I get to cover, and the next not so much, but that usually has to do with the business of being employed (Let's just say its a bad idea to complain about your employer on a public web site). Job has kept me very busy. In fact, work is really starting to interfere with my personal life.

On September 5, Katie turned 13 years old.

They grow up so fast. She got a new 'Hissy Kitty' toy to play with.

On Sept. 9, Michele turned, um...another year older. We had a small informal gathering the night before at Village Inn with her gang. She has her gang, I have mine. Sometimes they overlap. I gave her pork rinds and Pepsi. Hey, she asked for it - in a round-about way.

On Sept. 15, Texie, Owen and I, went to Ricki's 30th birthday party. She went all out with a roasted pig and even live bands. I've always known the girl knew how to party.

Jon, being the bad influence that he is, somehow convinced us to go to Las Vegas. So after
getting home from work on a Friday night, we threw some things in a bag and hit the road. Hey, its hard to say no to a free room and ride.

Half the fun of going to Sin City is all the people. And as usual it did not disappoint. We went to Freemont street and saw the lady with the really big sign. It read: "Jesus Christ shall Destroy Sinners with Cruel Wrath and Fierce anger."

I actually talked to her, so did several other people, she had very strong opinions. You would have to with such a large sign. There was some yelling, but most just saw her as another Vegas attraction. I love freedom of speech. I wonder where she goes on vacation.

We saw this guy on the way to Freemont Street. He told me his name was Rodeo. He was wearing two different boots. His only opinion is that he wanted me to buy him a beer, even though he had one sitting next to him. I wonder where he goes on vacation.

We were in Vegas for less than 48 hours, but road trips are always good for the soul.

I believe I have mentioned, if only slightly, all the major adventures in September. With the TV writers on strike, maybe I can catch up on October and November before December starts.

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