Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tick tock

I shouldn't even be writing this blog because I don't have time, so I will make it about how I don't have time to write my blog.
I was reading all these other blogs thinking how do people have time for this, but in answer to my own question I guess if I wasn't reading other people's blogs I would have time to write my own.
Things I should be doing other that writing this:
*picking up my house
*taking a shower
*figuring out my mother's birthday present
*sleeping so I don't hit the snooze button more than three times in the morning

I wish cloning technology would hurry up. I would so send her to work tomorrow.

Things I would have my clone do:
*grocery shop for healthy food
*cook the healthy food
*exercise (not even sure if this would work)
*change my oil
*clean the house
*go to work for me about 60 percent of the time
*write my blog

By the looks of this list, my clone, who doesn't even exist yet, is already a better person than me. I don't need that kind of competition.

PS the name of this post is an onomatopoeia

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Shad said...

I use twitter to suppliment my blog, it only takes seconds to post and provides a break from thinking to hard about something to write about in detail.