Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Just telling them what they want to hear

So my friend's blog, complaining about the news coverage of Heath Ledger's death overriding thousands of Palestinians coming into Egypt after blowing up a border wall, reminded me of my PS on my last post reminding me to write about the media.

First, I will say that yes, I work in the media and no its not perfect. However by no means does it completely deserve the bad reputation it gets.

People are always complaining about how the Britneys, Lindsays and Parises or the rape, murders and perverts get too much coverage. Essentially blaming the media, whether it is CNN or your hometown newspaper, of sensationalizing crap.

But really it is the consumers of media, basically everyone with a TV, Internet connection or newspaper subscription, who are to blame.

News is a business, so media outlets publish what sells, whether it is the conflict in Darfur or Britney shaving her head.

Yes, people should care more about world affairs, or even what is going on at their city council, but the media can't force them. People should eat healthier too, but if McDonald's quit selling fries and hamburger they would go out of business.

So if you really want real news to be on the front page instead of being buried under the newest starlet's arrest, then put your money, or mouse, where its really important.

Honestly, where do you click first?

Just to let you know I was shocked by Heath Ledgers death -- read all about it, and I don't know that much about the recent Congo peace deal. But at least I realize that there are more important things going on in this world, and don't expect to be spoon fed the important issues. So to Shad: it is not the editor who should be embarrassed but the people.

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Shad said...

The media earns the reputation it has every day. Reporters should fight for real stories, editors should fight for real news and publishers and general managers should take responsibilty to print and air real news stories over revenue. As a former reporter and public relations professional I know what I'm talking about. And the story I was talking about isn't that the border was blown up, yes that happenned, but the news was that hundreds of thousands of people were being starved to death in a prison like conditions by a people that should know better. The West Bank and Gaza Strip are no more liveable than the Warsaw Ghetto was in WWII. 60 years later and people are still oppressing people because of religious and ethnic differences. But I digress, I feel bad for Heath Ledger fans. Thank God the new Batman film will still be released.