Monday, January 28, 2008

I'm Famous

So almost everyday my name is published in the newspaper. But today, I feel really famous, and my name wasn't even used.

Two of my photos were used on a posting for, the web site for the Mental Floss Magazine, which I just love. There tag line is "Where knowledge junkies get their fix."

They requested photos for people's neighborhood "pants" (you'll have to read the posting), basically quirky things where you live.
Well those who know me, know that is what I love to photograph. So I was all over this. I didn't even need take any new pictures (which was OK because most my local quirky things happen to be covered in several feet of snow). One of my favorites, the flamingos, I will have to blog about later.

Imagine my thrill when both of my photos were used on the posting. Seriously, it made my day.

On one they got my last name wrong and on other I forgot to sign my name, and I didn't even care.

Here is the link to see my and a bunch of other fun photos:

My happiness over this seems to be further proof that this is what I should be doing. I just wish I knew how.


Texie said...

Hense the term "Starving artist" right?

Anonymous said...

This is so cool!! You will have to send in the one you took over the weekend.

Shad said...

I took pictures of a moldy room and of a damaged desk today. Sometimes we don't get a say when we are paid to take photographs. I'd rather be writing again.

beth said...

Shad, moldy rooms and damaged desks, seem like heaven right now...But as we know the grass is always greener.

Shad said...

you need to twitter to make up for the lack of blog entries.