Friday, January 18, 2008

Complicated snow

Apparently blogging only sounds like a good idea to me when I should be doing something else, for example work that I earn a paycheck for.

I have heard that people have been fired for doing stuff like this, or worse yet, that anything you do on the clock belongs to your employer. I better be careful and not accidentally write anything brilliant.

So really I don't have time to write about anything interesting. It was just that looking at my past blogs makes me miss green grass. As those who know me know I am not the biggest fan of winter anyway, but right now is the worst.

All the once beautiful snowflakes that floated down like magic angel dandruff to cover the earth, making everything look new and white, are now large crusty cold piles in various shades of dirty grey that seem to be constant reminders of all that is wrong with the world and my life.

I REALLY need some friggin' sunshine.

PS It seems like whenever I pull up a blank post, my mind follows suit and goes completely blank of all the ideas that only moments before where frantically bouncing around in my brain.
So this is a note to remember to write about the media and the public next time.


Shad said...

The snow covers the sand, dirt and sage brush here. WHat is grass?

Texie said...
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Texie said...

Ohhh I know. Im so cold and sick of it. Dont you just want to be at my Dads neighborhood pond listening to the bullfrogs. We did decide that those were bullfrogs right?