Monday, August 17, 2009

Sorta-daily Random Photo

Helping daddy in the garden:

Raccoons in the backyard, snakes in the front

There was going to be a picture of a really big snake. It was found living in the very overgrown garden. Owen trapped the snake in a sidewalk crack. I ran to grab a box, tongs and my camera. Owen secured the large snake in the box. I decided it would be a better picture if Owen was holding the snake. When we opened the box the gigantic snake was now an angry, gigantic snake -- darting back and forth in the box. Faster than you can say Samuel L. Jackson that snake was out of the box and back in the garden. Owen was not so quick to grab the snake this time, now that he had an attitude. So you will now have to take my word on the most enormous garden snake ever, because I have no picture to prove any different.


Texie said...

Okay first of all, Kudos to Owen for being willing to hold the snake while you attempt a picture. Did he volunteer for that gig or did you set him up to it? Now every time I pass the garden I am going to be all nervious and scared.

Beth said...

He volunteered, but it was more out of manliness than actual desire.

Nichole said...

Kudos, to the big giant snake. I am sure it ate the enormous mouse that once lived in that area. I say keep the snake. It will take care of the mice.
P. S. What the hell is Isaac doing that close to the garden with a big giant sank in it?