Monday, August 3, 2009

Wild kingdom

When we first brought Isaac home, well actually way before that when we were just thinking about having a baby, we worried about how the dogs would react. At the worst, they would think Isaac was a small wiggly ham, begin foaming at the mouth and stop at nothing to devour him. At the least, their hair would some how land on his sterilized bottle and infect him with Parvo and I would be labeled the worst mom ever. Also baby toys and dog toys look a lot alike. I thought Isaac would never be able to play on the floor because the dogs would take all his toys.

Well here we are nine months later and it turns out it is not the baby who is in danger.

Here is Isaac stealing both Leo's ball and rope, which he prefers to his own toys. Leo is patiently waiting for him to release.

It is the baby who wants to eat the dogs. There is nothing he likes more than grabbing a big old clump of dog hair to munch on.

We do our best to project the dogs, but it really is survival of the fittest. It's not all bad for them. They have already learned the benefits of standing around the high chair at feeding times.

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